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Code of Conduct


This forum is intended to encourage lively, constructive, and friendly conversation. If you choose to post here, you're choosing to follow our code of conduct, and if you do not, you could be banned temporarily or permanently.

Don't be a dick

If you can't pretend to be a civil human being for a wee while, you'll end up banned.


Trolling (aka. trying to provoke others) will result in being banned.


Racism is for assholes, sexism belongs in the 19th century, not the 21st, and these and any other kinds of personal abuse against other posters will lead to permanent bans.

No Porn

People read this forum in workplaces, so if you decide you want to post something NSFW, let people know about it or you'll get banned.

No Blatant Advertising

Nobody likes a human flyer.


Bragging about drug use is really daft, especially on a publicly accessible internet site. Please don't.

Backseat Moderating

You know those idiots who argue with bouncers or the footballers who remonstrate with referees? Don't be that person. If you think someone should be banned, or a post-removed, send a PM to a mod. If you disagree with a mod's decision (which they have full discretion to take at all times), then send them a PM. Public discussion of this stuff will be removed.

Your Responsibility

The views expressed here are all yours (stand by them), and they do not necessarily represent those of the creators, except for those which indicate that you are in fact a dick.

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