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Quantum tunnelling in water confirmed

A quantum theory first proposed nearly 90 years ago has at last been confirmed, potentially galvanising new approaches in fields as diverse as medical biosensing and solar energy storage.

Quantum tunnelling is one of the weirder products of quantum mechanics, and relies on the wave-particle duality of subatomic particles.

The theory describes how in certain circumstances a particle will defeat the constraints of classical physics when confronted by a barrier. Classical equations will show that the particle does not have enough energy to physically overcome the obstacle, but wave-particle duality allows it to tunnel straight through it.

For non-theoretical physicists, the discovery might seem somewhat recondite, but McKenzie points out that his and Guo’s findings have significant ramifications for some very big industries.

“This lays the basis for new and faster methods to detect biomedical impurities in water, with potentially important implications for biosensing techniques,” he says.

“A better understanding of electrolysis is becoming more important for applications in alternative energies in what is sometimes called the ‘hydrogen economy’.”

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This is pretty mad. Never even thought about what they'd do in those sorts of conditions, but there you go.

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NI Science Festival programme is out:


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