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Going to take some engineering for this 800m you can see why for all the bridges and fly overs needs for wee small by roads. Surely it will take a good bit of the journey to Augnacloy and Dublin sitting at a steady 60/70 by passing Strabane, Sion and Omagh.

1st phase starts this month Strabane to Newbuildings surely should help the area and bring in some jobs.

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Doesn't start this month now I think, there's been a new legal challenge by some idiots. How this kind of thing can be constantly tied up in legal action is beyond me. Especially when it's costing taxpayers both North and south. If the A6 upgrades keep going at the pace they have, that'll be a quicker route from Donegal to Dublin than the west (albeit with much more distance to travel).

I also wonder if the Irish government might look for a way out of funding the A5 in light of Brexit. Might be better for us in the south of there's a western coast corridor via Sligo to Letterkenny.

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